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When your growth is blocked, make progress with Colobus

With over 20-years’ turnaround experience across a range of sectors, we help small and medium sized enterprises overcome difficult business problems.

When change is needed – talk to the experts

Managing Turnaround

By identifying the risks in your business and developing effective solutions, we’ll help you change your business story.

Whether it’s making improvements to your supply chain or managing your debtors - we’ll give you solutions which put you back in control, so you can make the changes which will make the difference.
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Building Growth

Creating growth in your business needs financial understanding and the confidence to achieve your goals.  

We understand the effect growth has on cashflow - nothing consumes cash like growth. Don’t let poor cashflow stunt your growth.

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Handling Negotiation

When negotiating a deal, ensure you have a team with a proven track record.

Colobus has supported many businesses through negotiation, always gaining extra value - sometimes many multiples of what was originally offered.

Make sure your value is recognised.

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“When Colobus presented its turnaround plan for one of our underperforming clients, we were delighted that they were able to make this happen, through Colobus delivering on their promises in a timely manner. A collaborative approach strengthened the bank/customer engagement, and resulted in the client returning back to health, and capable of growing further."

Corporate support division
of a large UK bank

We can help you when

  • cashflow problems are hindering your growth
  • unpaid invoices are mounting up
  • you’re missing opportunities to develop

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