Negotiating the pitfalls and opportunities of your business

We’ll help you get a better deal

Running a business, you are negotiating every day, but it can be difficult to see the value you’ve created, even when others want to take it from you.

With so many demands on your time, you may not be able to do the things you know are needed for negotiation:

  • working out where the value is
  • planning your counter-party’s likely position
  • identifying what you should ask for
  • establishing a starting point
  • knowing which concessions you can make - and which you can’t.  

Colobus can help you get your fair share.

Do you have overdue creditors or unpaid tax, perhaps you can’t get the raw materials or services you need because of late paying on previous invoices and now there are demands from HMRC, even a personal visit from a field officer. You have too much to do and things may seem hopeless.

That’s where we come in. Colobus can get you the deal you need.


Understanding the position you’re in and the value you have is the first step of any negotiation.


Planning is essential to getting the outcome you desire.

With our experience of managing negotiations, we’ll help you consider all the options and create a plan that works for you.

Experience and Skill

Handling the negotiation itself requires another set of skills.

Recognising behaviour of other parties, setting limits and knowing the lines which are not to be crossed. An experienced team to support your negotiation will make all the difference.

“I faced a near intractable problem of getting value out of my asset. My previous advisers were quite content to take their fees and leave me with almost nothing. Colobus worked assiduously to identify solutions and negotiated an outcome that was worth many times the offer I’d original received. As a direct result I can now look forward to a comfortable retirement, the mortgage is paid off and I have money in the bank.”

Jane, entrepreneur and investor

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