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Principal and Founder of Colobus

The team you want on your side

Over the course of his working life Chris has led and managed change in a number of challenging and fast-growth situations in the UK and overseas.

Since founding Colobus in 1999, Chris has worked with many businesses to improve their cashflow, growth and profits. We’ve helped clients overcome failures, missteps and recessions to grow and prosper, working across a range of sectors and sizes, including many small and medium-sized enterprises.

Astute and Professional

Your business is unique, so are your problems - our solution will be specific to you.

We will ensure we understand your business, we’ll focus on your needs and provide hands-on support to move you forward.

Honest and Respectful

You’ve built a company which is ready for change. Yes, transformation can be painful, but we’ll help you manage that change to build a stronger business for you.

Effective and Experienced

We’ve worked with a range of businesses facing diverse challenges; our experience has given us skills we can use to your advantage.

“One of our engineering businesses was suffering from lack of cash to pay suppliers and HMRC. This was having an adverse effect on workflow through our factories. Chris from Colobus helped us sort out our cash by negotiating agreements with suppliers and reaching advantageous time to pay arrangements with HMRC. Chris also persuaded our main landlord to talk to us, and that was a big help because it allowed us to stay where we were and avoid the costs and disruption of moving an entire factory.

The key difference was that Chris looked at things from the other-party’s point of view and therefore was able to build trust and reach better agreements that worked for us and helped put us back on the track to growth.”

Angus, CEO, Chairman and investor

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